Limit 'Linked Record' Selections to a Selected View's Field Settings


While the ‘limit record selection to a view’ feature exists, it doesn’t solve my problems. It would, however, if field order and visibility were retained.


Linked Records currently display all of a record’s fields. And the order of those fields is determined by the top-most view in the view list for the linked record’s table. None of this amounts to a very customizable solution for bases that make use of multiple linked record columns for a particular table.

For example, here is a view:

In another table, I have a linked record column with ‘limit record selection to a view’ set to the above view. And yet, all of those hidden fields are visible:


Instead of creating linked record columns, you can generate links to records - which can be associated with a given view. For example:

Table A
record_id (formula)

Table B
table_a_record_id (lookup)
table_a_record_link (formula)*

* table_a_record_link formula:” & {view ID} & “/“ & {table_a_record_id}

The ‘view ID’ can be copied from a given table view’s web address.

Problems with the Workaround

  1. It requires some tech knowledge to implement
  2. The link opens up in a new window
  3. Links are ugly
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