Limit Linked Records to a View in Page Designer


I’m trying to create a time sheet for my employees in airtable and one thing I wish I could do with the page designer is limit the records that are displayed within a linked record table is to limit the results to a view from the linked table, that way we can filter out old time sheet entries and only display ones from last week.

There is an option to sort the data in the table, but no option to limit the data to a specific view. That would be helpful!

Let me know if you agree!


+++++++ a million votes for this!

Use Case: I am trying to create audit sheets for our company vehicles/plates, and want to show a table of only plates that are not currently attached to a vehicle. I can’t do this now without manually linking each plate to the table that Page Designer pulls from, which can quickly get messy. If I could just link ALL the plates and have only the ones display that are not linked to a vehicle, life would be a thousand times easier :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Utility_Locator! I just wanted to point you toward a workaround you might find useful… it’s not perfect but it gets the job done.

As I described in my last reply, I only wanted to grab plates that weren’t attached to a vehicle. On my [Plates] table, I wrote a formula that lays out the data I want in Page Designer into a kind of pseudo-table row, if the plate is not linked to a vehicle. Using the REPT() function, I made it so my “columns” were equally spaced, and used a monospaced font in Page Designer.

End result:

Link to post with the formula: