Limit on Collaborators

I can no longer add collaborators to one of my workspaces. Is there a limit on the number of collaborators I can have on a free base?

Hi @Kymberly_Smith

I found some information. It seems that the number of collaborators is based on the number of records per base, at least according to the link.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

To expand on @M_k message, if any of your tables in your workspace is over it’s record limits, you can’t add a collaborator to the workspace. If you are on the free plan, that means if any of the bases in the workspace has more than 1,200 records, you cannot add a collaborator to the workspace.

You can see how close the bases are to their record limits by going to Note that these record counts do not update in real time, so it might take a while for changes to take effect.