Limit options based on Conditional select

Is it currently possible to limit the selection options based on the single select conditional field?

Example: Single select is ABC or DEF, which makes the next multi-select field visible based on the ABC condition being met.

Can I limit the multi-select options based on the ABC selection?

Welcome to the community, @Ron_Mitchell!

Yes, you can use Conditional Form Fields on your form!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Yes, I have the conditional form field setup. Can I limit the next multi-select items based on the condition that is selected? If ABC is selected, I only want the multi-select field to show 3 choices, not all 20 choices.

Let’s say I have a City as my area, and the form allows single select choice for City. If City A is chosen, the multi-select has City A - N, City B - N, City C - N. Would I be able to limit the choices to only City A - N, and the form user not see the City B or City C choices?

Unfortunately, that is not possible with Airtable’s native functionality. Multi-select fields always show all of their options under all circumstances. You could probably do it with On2Air Forms, though.

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