Limit record entries in a table

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first of all, I’m a non-native English speaker, please keep that in mind, in case my question isn’t understandable :slight_smile: I’m quite struggling to explain it in german, my native language.

I’m new to airtable and trying to set up a registration form with limited record entries. The form should not accept any input after, let’s say 30 entries, since the registration is limited. Is there any way I can limit the records in a table?
I found some posts about different field types like formula, rollup and count, but they all refer to linked records and that’s what I don’t understand. Do I need a second table for this? And if yes, how do I accomplish this? Is it possible to limit records in general?

I’m grateful for any hint.


Create a column using the Auto ID field type and name it “entrynumber”. This will automatically number your rows starting off at #1 and will incrementally count up from there.

Now, create a new field with a formula. The formula will check the entry number to see if it is within the 1-30 limit. The formula should look like this:


If the entry is within 1-30, the field will say “Valid”, other wise if the entry number is over 30 it will say “Invalid.” Once you have that working, you can create a filter that will only display entries that are “Valid”

Hope that helps, let me know if you hit any snags.

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I too was searching for a similar solution and found this - - which is a great way to limit registration. I wanted to share it with this thread too since this thread also helped.