Limiting attachments

Hi there, working for an investment bank and trying to get the team adopt Airtable. Reviewed the product with my IT/compliance and they loved it, except for…the ability for anyone to attach various files into fields.

Is there a way to restrict this (even with custom code) as it may just stop us from using it. The issue is that they have to monitor the data flow and putting attachments in the cloud would preclude them from going outside the walls that are monitored.

Hi @Gal_Munda and welcome to the community!

One idea…

  • Create a compliance/audit script that looks at the last ten records added to every table in the base. This would use the Airtable API and perhaps run every five minutes.
  • If it found any fields of type “attachment” that included a file, add the record to an exception table in the “compliance” base including who, when, what the issue was.
  • Delete any file attachments discovered.

Such a process could also look for many more types of compliance issues.

thanks Bill, that’s really helpful!

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