Limiting date selections in a form

Hi - just staring out with Airtable and wondering if anyone knows how to do the following.

I have a table that is collecting a variety of meeting requests at my conference, and have 3 different forms which are collecting requests from different audiences. For each of those forms, there is a date selection of what day they want the meeting to take place. Is there a way to limit what dates they are allowed to choose?

I don’t necessarily want to use a single-select field, because I want to be able to use my calendar view for the table to plot out what dates the requests are for (assuming I can’t do it if it’s not a date field). I also need the ability to limit the dates to a range of 4 days for some of the forms and only 2 days for another form. However I want it to be the same field to avoid having multiple columns of event dates.

Is this possible in any way? Help appreciated!

Anyone knows ?
It will be really helpfull …

No progress on this yet, unfortunately.

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I know this might be too long after your initial inquiry; however, if anyone is looking for it, this could be executed using using a linked field and limiting selection to a view on the form.
Your linked field will point to a table prefilled with dates. Then you can create views that filter your dates based on desired criteria for each form.

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