Limiting Drop Down options in a Field

I have a form that prefills a unique ID for each customer. They then need to select an event that they are signing up for from a drop down menu linked to another tables primary key. The problem I am running into is that I cannot autofill the event they are signing up for and I really want to limit the view on the events to events that have not occured yet, or even better yet, event that triggered this form being sent out. Eventually there will be 50-100 events and I do not want them all to show up, and I don’t want to have to delete events etiher. Is it possible to run an automation that sends all information from events to a past event table that has the same options and then delete the event record form the ongoing events field? Any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly apreciated.


You can limit the linked record field to only pull from a specific view in the other table. So just create a view that is filtered to show you only the events that haven’t occurred yet.

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Can I limit the fields that are shown in a form sent to outside users this way?

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