Limiting the number of records per date

Hi all,

I am building a sort of ‘attendance list’ which is displayed over a calendar, all I want from it is so that people are able to add their name, and a date in which they will be attending.

I do however, want to limit the number of records per day.

For Example: If there are already 10 people with the date 09/06/2021, I would like to either not allow another person to add an entry with their name and this date.

A warning message would also suffice, in the way of having a last column, and once a person tries do add himself to the a date that has reached its max amount, the term “unavailable” would appear in the last column

Any idea on how to approach this situation?

Thank You!

I don’t think there is a way to do exactly as you describe but I think this blog post from Airtable in 2019 might help you.

It is a booking system example (you can copy the base so you can see how it works) where you create all available bookings beforehand and the user selects one of records to book themselves in. It works with two different tables, one table holds all the dates you want to make available, then another table that holds every booking linked to the dates you make available. I believe you can modify this base to get something like what you are looking for.

In the example I linked to, they set it up so there can be only one booking per record so as soon as someone books one of the records, it will not even be offered to anybody else. You can modify this base to allow up to 10 people to book themselves into one record.

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