Limiting which records users have access to

I can see there are some threads on this. But where is it up too? Is it possible to limit the records a user can see. I work with a number of contractors. When I allocate a project to them it would be good if I could give them access to airtable but limit the records they can see. Ideally when I select the contractor in a field they get access to that record.

Is this possible?

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Hi @ignatius_verbeek

I usually use Stacker for these kind of things (not free). If a read only is enough, you could of course send each contractor a share link to a dedicated view. Or, if you have a paid AT version, you could also create synced views to another table (read only, but they could add information).

Some more information about “sharing a portion of a base”.

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In addition to what @Databaser mentioned above, you can also do this with, which is much cheaper than Stacker.


Thanks. There are lots of useful tools in MiniExtensions. I am sorry but I couldn’t easily see which one could do what I was looking for. Can you point me at the best extension(s) to use?

This is the one:

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