Line Break and a fixed size table Formula to Google Slides

Hi Everybody, I am trying to create a “concatenate formula”, that creates a line break and a fixed size table cells, all text should be aligned left. because I am applying a bulk query search and I want one result per line.
I know the “\n” creates the line break My formula is
CONCATENATE("\n",{Google Slides Format Title}," | “,{Google Slides Format Release},” | “,{Google Slides Format Origin},” | ",{Google Slides Format Title Rating})

so my output is like this
“Bilal: A New Breed of Hero | | 1x105 | 01/09/2020 | UAE | :star:
I want all of that to be in table cells fixed sizes and always aligned to left

I think it needs some code for app surface to land right on google slides
Thank you so much guys for your help in advance

My Best

That is correct.

I’ve never been able to shape content in Airtable such that it would produce a satisfactory Google Presentation format. Instead, I’ve always been pressed by client to use the Airtable API to read the content, then open a presentation template, make a copy, and then feed the values into preconfigured target objects such as titles, tables, and even image placeholders.

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