Link attachment field

I am really hoping someone knows how to do this, if it’s possible.

My records have fields such as Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.

What I would like is to be able to send a Form to the attendees of an event, have them fill it out, attach a pdf and submit it. That pdf should then save into a specific column in the correct person’s row.

Tying it to the person’s email address seems like the best way to identify which record to tie it to. And I’ve created a form that asks for Name, Last Name, Email Address and then the file. But how do I link the submitted pdfs to this column in my sheet? I only seem to have the option to either have a linked field, or an attachment field.

If your form allows for uploading an attachment, that attachment (the PDF) should go directly to the attachment field in that person’s record. Or am I misunderstanding your base setup? Are you saying you want the PDF to show up in a different field, or a different table in the same base?