Link collaborator field to employee field in another table

This isn’t yet possible in Airtable because we can currently only link tables to tables (not fields to fields), but it would be really awesome if we could link a collaborator field (that IS NOT the primary field) in a “Projects” table to a matching employee name (which IS the primary field) in an “Employees” table.

That way, we could get all the extra features & benefits of a collaborator field, while simultaneously getting all the features & benefits of a linked field. :slight_smile:

The workaround for now is pretty simple: We just have an extra field inside the Projects table which is the link to the employee table. (Only problem is that we now have 2 fields in Projects which have the exact same information in them.)

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Thanks for bringing that topic up.
The other issue that I face with your workaround is that this extra field can be manually changed, contrary to a “created by” field that displays collaborators. If you have any suggestion to work around that too, I’d be keen on reading it !

If you’re looking to create a field that editors can’t change, just create a formula field.

Unfortunately a formula field cannot link two tables

Unfortunately, unlike other database systems, Airtable doesn’t link tables based on field values. Airtable only links tables based on records. A linked field itself must always be editable, or else you can’t link records. Airtable doesn’t link based on field values.

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