Link field or add a table?

I have a base that I’m using to track contractors, the projects they are working on, & all of the tickets they submit for payment. I have the project, contractor, and invoice tables all linked and that seems to be working fine. Each contractor will have multiple tickets per day that will be combined to generate one invoice at the end of the week. Would it be better for me to add a field for tickets and link it somehow or add a table for ticket information and then link that however?

Hi @Marisa_Pettit (again) :smiley:

It is best to have a table for the tickets and link it to the contractor and project. You can then use the Page Designer block to issue an invoice.


@Mohamed_Swellam has it right. Probably easiest to have tickets on their own table. Might be easiest to just link them to an invoice though since I’m guessing the invoice will be associated with a contractor/project too.

Since contractors are creating multiple tickets a day, one thing to keep an eye on will be your base record limits. You may eventually need to archive old tickets (download a csv, delete the old rows).

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