Link for Exporting data as CSV

Hey! I am looking to periodically update my wordpress sites using WP All Import ( I have been advised by them that if I were to use Google Sheets to achieve this, I should be changing the shared link from:

Does anyone know if I could be using Airtable instead of Sheets, and if so, what my Airtable shared URL should look like? It needs to export as CSV.


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Unfortunately that is not available in Airtable. You can manually export a table as CSV through the UI, but there isn’t an externally accessible url to pull the CSV like there is with Google Sheets.

Oh okay, that’s a shame. Thanks for responding.

Hi @Brett_D

I have just finished creating a scenario using Integromat to create a CSV backup of my Airtable records to Google Sheets and so far it seems to work. Then if I need to use my backup to place my records back into Airtable, I just create the reverse scenario. I realize it’s not using a URL to do this, but there is the option to do it by using Integromat.

Hope this helps.


@Brett_D - another approach is to use this product ( to import your Airtable into Google Sheets, then you can use the export link from there.

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Awesome, I think this ought to do it. And it’s free :slight_smile: Amazing! Thank you so much

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We created a tool that allows you to export your Airtable view as a CSV link. It works with multiple views as well.