Link for Exporting data as CSV

Hey! I am looking to periodically update my wordpress sites using WP All Import ( I have been advised by them that if I were to use Google Sheets to achieve this, I should be changing the shared link from:

Does anyone know if I could be using Airtable instead of Sheets, and if so, what my Airtable shared URL should look like? It needs to export as CSV.


Unfortunately that is not available in Airtable. You can manually export a table as CSV through the UI, but there isn’t an externally accessible url to pull the CSV like there is with Google Sheets.

Oh okay, that’s a shame. Thanks for responding.

Hi @Brett_D

I have just finished creating a scenario using Integromat to create a CSV backup of my Airtable records to Google Sheets and so far it seems to work. Then if I need to use my backup to place my records back into Airtable, I just create the reverse scenario. I realize it’s not using a URL to do this, but there is the option to do it by using Integromat.

Hope this helps.


@Brett_D - another approach is to use this product ( to import your Airtable into Google Sheets, then you can use the export link from there.

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Awesome, I think this ought to do it. And it’s free :slight_smile: Amazing! Thank you so much

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