Link in a dynamic email


I have a field that is using a formula in order to create a url. the formula is a concatenate to build a url to a form with prefill value.
I then want to use it to send a email with gmail.
And little thing I do not want to print the url but replace the text with “click here”
I tried several things :
in the body of the email [click here](record(step1…)
I change the formula in the field it self in order to format. the field is ok in the table but when I send it the URL is there and the markdown is not interpretated…

I realize that my URL :

all the _ just disappear in the email

Do you have any ideas ?

I found a workaround by replacing _ by %5F
If I copy the link in the email I am receiving the good url but if instead I insert the field I does not work :frowning:

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