Link multiple rows to respective tables for each row

I have created 1st table(Data) with two columns and 2 rows.
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Row 1: Furniture 1 website Count(4)
Row 2: Electricals 1 website Count (10)

I have created 2nd table(Furniture with two columns and 2 rows.
Item Price
Row 1: Table 100
Row 2: chair 50
Row 3: Sofa 1000
Row 4: study Table 200

I have created 3rd table with multiple records for Electricals with item and price

I am looking for a solution where I open Airtable, go to Table 1 and click on “Furniture” in Column 1 and it leads me to Furniture table for details.
Similarly I click to “Electrical” in Column 1 it leads me to Electrical Table

Please help

Every table has a unique URL. In Table 1 you could add a URL field and just paste in the link to your Furniture / Electricals tables.

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