Link Multiple Tables’ Records into a Single Column (Polymorphic Relationships)

Linked Records are currently limited to a single table per column in another table. But I’d like to combine records from 2 or more tables into a single column in an additional table. In other words, polymorphic relationships.

What I’d like to Do
I have a table of Client A’s Products and a table of Client B’s Products. They need to be combined into a Products column on a third table, Employee Assignments. Both product tables store data very differently, so combining them into a single table would result in an excessively wide and long Products table. Instead, the two client tables are left as is, and the Employee Assignment’s “Products” column is made polymorphic to accommodate both clients’ data.

Barring added features, I can create a junction table of Clients Products where each client gets their own column. The problem is that Clients Products will inevitably become pretty wide as lookups & formulas are added over time. Each client products table will require their own columns for the linked product and lookups. And there will need to be a number of formulas to combine those products & lookups before passing them neatly along to Employee Assignments.

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