Link Pages output to SendGrid

Is there a way to pull in a PDF as an attachment (or even a downloadable link) in a mailing sent via SendGrid?
Use case I have in mind: send individual tax receipt to individual members in a mass mailing.

Many thanks for all help!

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Hi @President_ART_Club - 3 ways to do this (at least!). Have a look at this table:

So, you can have a full URL link to the document (Document field), or a unique name/ID (Document ID field) for a document uploaded somewhere (other than Airtable) or you can attach the PDF file to the record as an attachment (Attachment field).

Then, in the Sendgrid block config, do this:

You can then reference these fields in the email template:

{Document}{Document ID}.pdf - this concatenates the fixed elements of the URL with the document ID, which will vary by record.


The resulting email is this:

All 3 methods show a proper link in the email. Which one you use will come down to where the pdfs are located - either in Airtable or somewhere else.

Hope this helps.


As an aside, I found that my test Sendgrid emails were going into my spam folder, so you might need to alert recipients to this.