Link Pages output to SendGrid

Is there a way to pull in a PDF as an attachment (or even a downloadable link) in a mailing sent via SendGrid?
Use case I have in mind: send individual tax receipt to individual members in a mass mailing.

Many thanks for all help!

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Hi @President_ART_Club - 3 ways to do this (at least!). Have a look at this table:

So, you can have a full URL link to the document (Document field), or a unique name/ID (Document ID field) for a document uploaded somewhere (other than Airtable) or you can attach the PDF file to the record as an attachment (Attachment field).

Then, in the Sendgrid block config, do this:

You can then reference these fields in the email template:

{Document}{Document ID}.pdf - this concatenates the fixed elements of the URL with the document ID, which will vary by record.


The resulting email is this:

All 3 methods show a proper link in the email. Which one you use will come down to where the pdfs are located - either in Airtable or somewhere else.

Hope this helps.


As an aside, I found that my test Sendgrid emails were going into my spam folder, so you might need to alert recipients to this.

Is there also a way to send the attachment directly in the mail?

The SendGrid API supports attachments, but apparently the block does not.

Link to the request. Please add your voice if you like to see this feature too. :slight_smile: