Link Tables Not Auto Linking


Hi All - I’m new to Airtable, trying to create a mini-CRM for our team to use as we prospect new leads and accounts. In my base I have 6 tables (Tenant, Lease, Landlord, Property, Task, Contact). Each table is linked to another via the linked table option, however when I try to create a new “Task” from an expanded Contact, the record from the Company Table isn’t auto-populating. Any idea why? It’s not a deal breaker to have to click in and search for the company related to the contact, but seems like it should auto-link as the task table has a company field that is linked to the company table. Thanks!


Are your Companies in your Contacts table? You will need to manually link these, or if your Contacts have a Company associated with them, you can use a Lookup field instead to auto-populate this.


Thanks. A Lookup field did the trick. Still exploring all of the different field types and didn’t realize there was a Lookup field available. Thanks again!


No problem! Lots of powerful uses from Lookups and Rollups with linked tables. Happy to help!