Link to another record dependant on a flag



I am building a simple CRM. I have a Company table and a contacts table.

On the Contacts table there is a Checkbox marking a single contact as the “Primary contact”

I’d like to show this specific contact when I view the Company, effectively “just the contact flagged as primary”

Can’t figure it out, any help appreciated



I love this problem. I tried two ways here:


Thanks Hashim but I can’t actually see how you did it … exactly what I want though :slight_smile:


Okay. I just made you a Creator so you should be able to see the formulas


Thanks so much, that is great. Really appreciate your help


Just FYI, to keep other users from having to duplicate a base in order to view the formulas, I typically copy/paste formulas into field descriptions. (Except I think I may have forgotten to do so with my last few demo bases; I should remedy that.) It often means I have to fiddle a bit with the description format to keep the formula decipherable — but I find I appreciate that myself when I’m trying to decipher a several month-old base! :wink:


Can you share what you did on this demo for the Primary contact? THanks!


Hashim, Thanks for the share and the formula! Taking it a step further, The formula field is the default field for the table and therefore gives the visual in the related links for Primary Contact. I wonder how we can hide that field to prevent the duplication in the Contacts table. It appears you can cannot create a formula in the Companies table and reference the Contact and Primary contact fields from the contact table? A form resolves this but will not have a form on mobile and would have to remember no field entry in the first field.