Link to another record : restrict by already use


Hi everyone !
I’m trying to figure out if I can link to another record but with a record’s list without items yet choosen.

Here’s a concrete example : I’m trying to get an inventory of my videogame collection. And I need to create bundles which contain hardware, accessories and games. I create a table for the accessories because I need to have a view of all the accessories. I choose to create a line for each same accessory to get a count (by grouping). Maybe it’s not the right way to achieve that.
But afterall I need to decrease the count of accessories available for bundles, each time it’s used in a bundle. I want to do that to avoid errors because I need to recreate bundles in the physical world (for a tradeshow).

Hope someone understand what I’m trying to achieve.
Thanks for any help !


A little UP for this question which I can now re-explain in a different way.
I want to be able to view linked records by availibilty number (which is a total number minus the ones already found) : accessories_available_for_bundles = total_accessories - accessories_in_bundles
It would be nice if it can be available when selecting linked records. Maybe a feature, or is there a way to achieve that automaticaly ?