Link to another record : restrict by already use


Hi everyone !
I’m trying to figure out if I can link to another record but with a record’s list without items yet choosen.

Here’s a concrete example : I’m trying to get an inventory of my videogame collection. And I need to create bundles which contain hardware, accessories and games. I create a table for the accessories because I need to have a view of all the accessories. I choose to create a line for each same accessory to get a count (by grouping). Maybe it’s not the right way to achieve that.
But afterall I need to decrease the count of accessories available for bundles, each time it’s used in a bundle. I want to do that to avoid errors because I need to recreate bundles in the physical world (for a tradeshow).

Hope someone understand what I’m trying to achieve.
Thanks for any help !


A little UP for this question which I can now re-explain in a different way.
I want to be able to view linked records by availibilty number (which is a total number minus the ones already found) : accessories_available_for_bundles = total_accessories - accessories_in_bundles
It would be nice if it can be available when selecting linked records. Maybe a feature, or is there a way to achieve that automaticaly ?


Is there a way to achieve what I’m looking for with pivot tables ?
I need to get out of the list (link to another record) records that are already linked.
Thanks for any help.


Hi @Valentin_GUENICHON - I’m not sure if I’ve totally got what you’re trying to do, but does this give you what you want?

You have a table of accessories of different types and quantities. These are assigned to a bundle (link to a bundles table).

The “count of accessories used” is just a count of “assigned to bundle” and the “available accessories” is a formula:

Quantity - {Count of Accessories Used}

The bundles table I have is this:

And when you create a new bundle and link to the accessories you can see the quantity, total used and total available:


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Thanks a lot JB. This is a first step to what I meant.
In my ideal world, I would like to have one record by accessory because there’s unique data per record.
Then I would not like to see the unavailable accessories in the list.
That’s why I think I should use a intermediate table. And the purpose of my last question about pivot tables.
And I think I get the limit of airtable but I hope.


If I am reading this correctly, I think this latest post by @W_Vann_Hall may be helpful, or, using the newer feature of limiting linked records shown in the screenshot below. Basically, you can create a view in your Accessories table which filters out those already used (aka, those ‘linked’) so that only those that are available (aka, ‘unliked’) appear, or vice versa. The recent post I linked above dives deeper into this concept with subcategories, but perhaps just the simple limiting of linked records will solve your problem.


Hopefully this helps, feel free to let me know if not or if you have any questions (I enjoy helping with Airtable issues, but especially when they are video game related) - good luck!


Whoooo… Thanks a lot @Alex_Wolfe because it solves what I wanted to achieve.
I didn’t see this feature before and it helps a lot.

Now I got another goal : what if I want to filter out this limited list to a common field : for example, I created a bundle with an hardware of a “console family” and want to see only accessories for this family AND available.
I think this is a limit again because I want my list to be driven by a choice made while filling entry.


I think I may need to see/know more about how the base is setup, but the link I posted before may help you walk through setting up a more complex system. I think you would need to either A.) follow the post below and setup a conditional linked record field of some sort, or B.) add a field to one of your tables which indicates the ‘console family’ so that you can further filter out specific records; likely through the use of a different view which only shows available AND for that ‘console family.’

There’s also the option of indicating which accessory records are for which ‘console family’ or similar grouping in the primary field so when you go to select them you can see it. This is easier/more of a workaround so that you don’t have to filter by both availability AND console family, etc. Kind of like a post I made here:


Thanks @Alex_Wolfe, I’ll check later when in better condition to hard-think :wink:
Meanwhile, I can share you the base in read-only mode (because I don’t get how to embed it here)


Ok that works. You can try creating a read-only link to the base and sending it (if you are comfortable sharing that):


Hop !


Cool! So getting back to your post:

I think the conditional linked records from that forum link I posted earlier is the way to go. I believe with that functionality you can do something like this:

For example:
If you made a “Playstation” bundle, you would link to Hardware (which you filter to only show those available in your Hardware Linked Record field), then your choices for the Accessories list Linked Record field can be further filtered (based on your choice of Hardware you would have a dynamic View in your My accessories table which gets filtered accordingly) and would only show those available accessories, based on your prior Hardware choice. In all honesty, I have yet to implement this myself, but in reviewing @W_Vann_Hall’s post and his sample base the functionality is all there.


To be honest, I understand what you mean but can’t figure out how to achieve that with airtable.
I understand the concept and can explain it in a dev way, even if I’m not a developer :wink:


No worries, I get it. I would encourage you to read the prior forum link by W_Vann_Hall and then if you still don’t see how to implement it let me know and I can take a crack at it in a sample base or something.


I’ll check it by myself for instance. I want to understand the way to achieve that.
Thanks a lot for your reactivity !

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OK So if I understand the mecanism, the purpose would be to modify dynamically a field in the list of accessories (and games), as I selected an hardware in the bundle table and to have a view based on that.
For now, it remains complicated to me but I saw a dynamic filter field (that should be in the accessories table), filled based on a control field (in the bundle table). And there’s a control table. So maybe I need 2 because I have two tables that should be filtered.
I need to sleep on that :smiley:


I did it ! And it works (almost) like a charm.
I say almost because I don’t have a category and subcategory system, but rather something like having 3 levels of selection.
I’m a bit annoyed by finding something which could be the trigger for the only entry I’m working on, but in my mind, a bundle should have an hardware, at least an accessory AND a game. I have to do my homework :wink:
But it’s nice, rather more difficult than comparing two values like through an SQL query.
Hope this type of mecanism could be simpler in the future.

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Congrats! Hopefully it makes life easier for your process.

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So I am Doing this and for some reason its not working as i think it should.
I have to Linked Tables Compras and Provedores

in my table Provedores

I Change the link to resticted view on Compras Field to a view called ordenar 2 (or any view for that Matter)

And Field Compras donst change eventhou ordenar 2 has many filter, even if i change the filters Filed Compras in Porvedores dosnt change

I am almost certain that this feature is degin to do something like this i just cant get it to work

what am i doing wrong


As I indicated in my reply in this other thread, I think you’re misunderstanding how this feature is designed to operate. It’s not designed to change your existing links when a view in a linked table changes. It’s only designed to limit the records you see when adding new links.