Link to multiple records


Hey, I have two tables (active projects, biz dev projects) and I’m trying to create a tasks table. I want to have one column titled “Projects” and want to link this column to both active projects and biz dev projects. How do I do that?



Short [non-]answer: You can’t. :wink:

Longer, [potentially] helpful answer:

  1. Create in your [Tasks] table two linked-record fields, {Active Projects} and {Biz dev projects}, linked to the appropriate tables.
  2. Create a third, formula field, {Projects}, with the following formula
    {Active Projects},
    {Active Projects},
    {Biz Dev Projects}

Note that you won’t be able to drill through from [Tasks] to the underlying project record by selecting on a value in {Projects}; you’ll have to select a record from the appropriate linked-record field. For other uses — reporting, tracking — you can hide the contributing fields to reduce visual clutter.


What is the reason why you can’t have both project types together?


AFAIK, a linked-record field must ‘point’ to records from a single table.


I mean, in the same Table with a SingleSelect field called Type.


Oh, you’ll have to ask the original poster. :wink: I’m assuming the record structures are different: Hence the separate tables…


I’ve asked him. A lot of users create separate tables with no need.