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So happy that someone finally filled the void left by Dabble DB.

One of the features I found most useful there, but can’t seem to do in Airtable, is linking to entries in another Base. Often, one will have multiple bases which handle distinct aspects of a business or project, but in which one piece of data overlaps.

Example: A political campaign may want Bases for contacting voters, managing events, and recording donations. Those are distinct domains which need their own Bases, but which could benefit from linking parts of them together. For example, it would be great to link donations to the event they occurred at, or voters to donations, or record who attended each event.

In Airtable at present one has to either cram all of those bases into one, or foregoe the linkage which makes this software so great. It may seem like a small thing, but once you can link bases, the sky is really the limit.


I second this request.


Yes please, this would help alot.


This would be super useful.


I Third that request!


This would be perfect for my business.


The absence of this functionality is making it difficult to implement this in the way that my org needs.

As John Bacino stated, one either has to put all that information into the form of tables in a single base, or to replicate that information in different bases (and/or update it manually wherever we’d like this data to be referenced).

A for-instance: We have a master member directory which I am using to connect information regarding anything from volunteers, positions, programs, purchasing, vendors, programs, etc. As it stands right now, I have a single base with a steadily growing number of tables, where it would be simpler for people entering the data to have separate to access. The only alternate I see would be the manual input/update of input in these different tables so that things would line up for reports.

That said, this is an amazing platform, and the implementation of forms (form view, links directly to the forms, being able to integrate it directly into a webpage) is perfect for our needs. Thank you for making this available to us.

I’m looking forward to the day when we can link records between bases.


I’m with everyone above! Being able to link to a record in a separate base would make this awesome tool even better.


This feature is definitely on our roadmap. Unfortunately it’s a pretty big undertaking for technical reasons, and we haven’t had the chance to tackle it yet. We hear and appreciate your feedback on this though, apologies for not acknowledging it earlier.


I know enough to know that I have only the smallest grasp on the amount of work needed to implement a change like that.

When/if the day comes where we can link to a record in a separate base comes, there will be much rejoicing. For now, I’m still throwing everything I can think of at it to try and make it a “one-stop shop” for data for my org.

Thanks for the response @Andrew, and thanks @Airtable for making this platform. I’ve already found it to be very useful.


Hi there - I am a novise at this and only discovered Airtable this morning.
I had a thought, can you use zapier and sheets to send two zaps?
1 - when a record is created > sheet row, then another zap sees the new row and pushes it to another base?
Is anyone better technically than me, would this work?


Hi Dan,

It’s a clever idea, but there’s a few limitations that will make it somewhat unusable. First a Zap will fire only once for a single record, hence you won’t see any updates after the zap fires. Second, most records in Airtable are created empty and then get updated as you fill in the data. As the zap can fire at any time, you’ll likely get lots of partially completed records. Third, the cost of Zapier for such a use case may be a concern.

If you want to play with it further, you could try creating an Airtable view that only reflects stable records and then Zapier could sync all of those to another base.

Lastly, we’ve always wanted to build a beautiful user experience around linking across bases and we think hard about how to do that.



Count me as another vote for this functionality!


+1. I would like several teams to update their bases and have a management team with the same bases but with all the data aggregated.


+1 – When this feature becomes available, all of my dreams will come true. Seriously, this will be a huge game changer for me and the many folks I’d like to onboard to this tool.


I would love this feature!!!


I second everyone’s request for this feature. It is available in your standard Excel spreadsheet files, so I am surprised isn’t already available in Airtable. That being said, you guys are doing an awesome job and I love all of the features Airtable has that Excel doesn’t have (or Google Sheets for that matter). Keep up the good work!


Me three!



Would be very nice to have…


This is a feature that would tremendously improve AirTable’s utility for our nonprofit organization. In our ideal world, we would have a Contacts base with names that could then be linked back to from other bases such as Events, Projects, Donations, Grants, etc.