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Zoom works. Google Hangouts too. Whatever works for you. Always interested in seeing how others use AirTable.


I love airtable for what it is… an easy to setup simple collaborative “database”…ish. It makes my life easy for many tasks that I need to setup quickly and collaboratively.

I was an airtable Pro user for over a year on an oil and gas project. In fact I was the administrator of and owner of the entire IT and workflow process for the project. I got approval to use airtable for the project and we were spending about $300 per month on airtable fees. I had been asking for this feature for over a year, and it would have made our life so much easier.

I ended up starting to convert to but the project was over before I was able to complete the transformation. Airtable is good for what it is good for… simple to moderately simple projects.

For more encompassing and customizable solutions Check out … Not as pretty and easy to use, but pricing and customization are far superior.


We need this feature!


The ability to connect bases together has been a topic / request for several years. We have the same issue - who wants to have multiple copies of a contact list in multiple bases?

Is there a reason why this can not be added as a native capability in Airtable?


Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that groups and folders could go a long way to alleviate many of these frustrations. If we’re stuffing all of our data into one base, we need a way to group together not only different tables, but different views within tables. For example, in video production, I have a rentals table which holds rental info for all my departments. Each department gets its own view within that table (Lighting, Art, Wardrobe, Etc.). I also have a Purchases table which holds receipts and shipping info. Each department gets its own view within that table too. I have a Look Book table, so each department can store reference photos. Again, each department gets its own view. So now, my Lighting, Art, and Wardrobe departments each have their relevant info stored deep down in specific views across several different tables. If I’m having a meeting with the Art Department, how do I quickly pull up all the views specific to that department across all the tables? If I want to set up viewing permissions for the Head of Wardrobe, how do I quickly pull up all of the views in all of the tables that I want her to have access to? There’s no efficient way to do either of these things. The search field only lets you search for one table at a time. And even then, it doesn’t let you search for views within tables. The ability to group various tables and/or views together using folders or tags would be immensely helpful. Throw in some colorful icons for the groups and voilà, you have created mini-bases within the larger base.


Zoho Creator does link different bases (applications). Airtable should as well.


I would LOVE to have this feature linking across bases. I’ve already set up a few Zaps on Zapier, but as folks have commented, the zaps are very basic and often break down unless workflows are conducted in a very specific manner that isn’t scalable / enforceable.


@Katherine_Duh @Airtable_Admin – The inability to link bases is a massive downside to your otherwise amazing product. My agency does collaborative work with many external vendors and clients. We would LOVE to have them manage/edit their own pieces of the work, but we cannot give them Editor access to our base because it contains sensitive data they should not be able to see – it would be detrimental to our business if they got access to our base to see under the hood (so to speak).

Likewise, I have a non-profit outside of work. My team there creates events with various different entities, and we would love to give them the ability to edit their own tasks, but they should not have the ability to see the other events we are working on. So, with a major event at a world famous museum, we have had to create a separate base only to manage the work from that event – separate to the primary base that contains the rest of our data.

Deeply frustrating.

Better reporting functionality would make your product vastly more appealing to commercial / paying users. We have been struggling with this piece for weeks now, and still can’t provide clear and suitable reports to the C-suite.


I was extremely excited to find Airtable recently, as I could immediately see how this would help me solve tons of issues I have in my company that we could never properly address with any other tool. But I was soon shocked to find that something as essential as linking bases was not possible. Through browsing discussions like this one, I realized this is a 4+ year limitation that is highly requested but nonetheless seems to be going nowhere. Instead of continuing investing my time on Airtable, I am now searching for a competitive product that might have been able to address this requirement in the past 4+ years.


Any update on this @Airtable @Airtable_Admin? It’s definitely a much needed feature that we need. Is there any basic way to just source data from one base to another?


Airtable you guys are a joke, how many forums I’ve read now and literally haven’t seen one reply from airtable staff. You guys grow too a big size and than just start ignoring your users? Lousy.


@Airtable_Admin - any progress on this? This would be CRUCIAL for us as we have different business units operating globally that intersect in a few areas and to be able to link bases would be incredible.

Where do you all stand on this - it was on the product roadmap it sounds like a few years ago - any news?


I suppose this must be a really difficult change to make to the Airtable platform, because it’s a total showstopper that linking across bases isn’t possible. Airtable has enormous potential. Gaps like this (and lack of webhooks) prevent it from taking over the world.


Ha pasado bastante tiempo, cuándo se va a implementar, es una función que muchos la solicitan y bastante útil, su implementación les traería aún más usuarios.

I 1+ this too. Grouping views into folders would also help. I am currently running about 30 views to work around linking bases. Also a view filter based on current user would make a huge difference in sharability and should be easier to implement. I currently have 5 views running for each of my sales reps to see only their data and if I had a view based on the user logged in, I would only need 1 view. I have the same going on for my support team. A view for each member.


Why hasn’t this happened yet? It’s 2020…


One more vote for this. Not having this feature seems like a massive challenge in using airtable efficiently.


Agreed! I was so excited to build out our workflows on Airtable (and pay for a premium subscription) but now will have to pause until this functionality is added.


Good news this morning on this front, at least in terms of permissions! From Airtable’s email newsletter today:

Beta: new editing permissions options

With your permission, we’d like to introduce a new beta for Pro and Enterprise users. This new beta will give you more options for limiting which collaborators can edit the values in a specific field and limiting which collaborators can add or remove records from a table . Interested? Sign up using this form!

I’ve signed up but obviously haven’t heard back yet. Really hoping that these permissions will expand to not just editing but also viewing, so that we can set per-user (likely per user role) permissions for access tables, columns, and views within a base.


Checking in on this thread again. Do users have workarounds for linking multiple bases in the interim? I’ve gotten feedback that Zapier is insecure from a security standpoint, and curious what other options exist for business users without getting engineers (which defeats the purpose of airtable being “simple” to use)

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