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The best alternatives for mobile Airtable with link to another base are Zenkit, Notion and Ninox. Coda, Fibery, Appsheet and knack is not a good alternative because they are not editable by the smartphone. If you need software that can be edited by the computer, the best alternatives are: see Forrester Wave. I recommend Caspio for being unlimited users. But I am still waiting for this feature in Airtable. Every month I return here in the community to see if it has already been implemented.


Hello Airtable community,
This feature of Airtable being able to have linked field to another base (even on another workspace) is really a missing functionality today.
In my case, I use Airtable for project management in companies.
There is a PMO base to supervise projects, there is a project base with tasks.
Both need a person table to assign projects and tasks.
Unfortunately I have to duplicate persons info in every base. This is also prevent me of making a single project base with standard structure but specialized for on project. Today, the tasks base have 29 table for 29 projects and one person table for assignation. That means also 29+ dashboards with Gantt charts, etc.
Effectively, after 5 years, this feature is still missing.
Thanks for making external link happen.


Please Airtable… Add this functionality!

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Same reason that has already been specified, have multiple bases for different teams and need to pull pieces from each into one base view

Hi folks! I wanted to share here that we just launched the ability to sync records automatically from one base to another with Airtable Sync. You can learn more about this brand new feature here: Announcing the Airtable Platform.


And @Justin_Barrett did a stellar intro video to show this.


Hey folks, now that Airtable Sync is rolled out to all users, we wanted to elaborate a bit on how sync allows you to implement a version of cross-base linking.

It works by allowing you to pull data from a shared view in another base into a ‘Synced Table’ in your own base. You can then link to the record in the synced table to approximate cross-base linking. Having the synced table appear in your base makes it easy for other collaborators in your base to discover tables they can link to. This model also simplifies permissions - on the source view, you can use all the sharing restrictions you’re used to, and on the destination base all your existing base permissions apply.

One of the nice features of foreign key columns is be the ability to quickly pull up the linked record to view additional fields or make changes. The new ‘Open Source Record’ button action is intended to be a workaround for that action.

We’re all really excited to finally share this new feature with you and address one of our oldest requests. We’d like to thank you for continuing to share your feedback and keeping this top of mind for us.


Love the new Airtable Sync. One issue I ran into though was the ability to add linked records from the add linked record popup back to the source base. I understand it probably creates some permission issues but even if you can just input the restricted synced fields it would be perfect.
My current workaround is using the embed app and a form from the source table to add. However that doesn’t help when using the IOS App since don’t have access to the Airtable Apps from there. The IOS has a “create new record” option on the linked record, but when clicked it throws an error.


Also, ran into this.

Need sync all related bases, too for going across multiple synced tables.

Also, Lookups still return text without record opening capacity (would love coloring, too so we don’t need multi/single selects when related records are better).

Finally! After several years being the top topic of all time. Investors stay tuned; Airtable will have exponential growth from now on. Congratulations to the entire team!!!

I am incredibly disappointed that after years of waiting (4) for this feature to find out that it is crippled to the point of uselessness for our (expensive) plan level (Pro). The one table per base limit means that without hacking around a lot, there’s very little we can do with it. The greatest thing about Airtable is that it makes developing relational databases something anybody can do. By limiting customers to 1 synced table per base you’re also hurting your customers ability to use Airtable to do what it does best.

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As a pro subscriber, you should be able to have 20 synced tables per base.


Airtable will dies pretty soon if you do not listen to your customer’s needs. This is the most wanted feature and no, it’s really not that hard. Set a hierarchy where dbase if the upper level for lockup. It’s not brain surgery. Also, you will not survive unless you bring down your pricing. It’s currently ridiculously expensive compared to other tools. For NGOs for example, we get 10 full users on salesforce. but expected to be hundreds per month with airtable for way less features.

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Hi Mims, and welcome [back] to the community!

Indeed! And since you haven’t posted for a whole year, you must have either been REALLY thrilled with Airtable’s development progress over the past 52 weeks, or you really don’t care that much. Please share with the community which it is.

I use ElasticSearch to monitor almost every detail and nuance in this community. My approach has some elements of data science and even AI to help me understand what’s resonating and what’s being missed. I use this approach to monitor many communities where I invest my time and skills for profit. Harvesting sentiment from communities helps me get a sense of the pulse of customers.

Whether you perceive this feature is easy or difficult to implement is wholly irrelevant. However, I can assure you that linking or synching data between bases is not the number one feature that customers are demanding.

I agree; it’s a bit pricey. But, it’s also a bit easier to use (than Salesforce, Coda, Lists, Honeycode, Tables, and many others). Airtable is priced as a premium product because it has premium strengths in the eyes of no-code solution creators - specifically the UI/UX which is considered by almost every analyst and tech-journalists among the best in the industry.

If that’s true, why are you concerned with using Airtable in its place or comparing it to Salesforce at all? Please share with the community why you believe these are comparable tools that should be rated side-by-side.

your reply is appreciated. We do use salesforce FYI and for that very reason. This feature has to be high up on the list, maybe not number one…apologies if I got the hierarchy wrong. I don’t have AI here. Pricing wise, you know you are expensive. It’s a fab solution, don’t get me wrong. I was making a comment about a specific VERY IMPORTANT feature to many people (clearly). Thank you for your feedback. It give me (even without all the community tools you have) and insight into how airtable really cherishes it’s users.

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To be clear, I am not an Airtable employee and I do not speak for Airtable. As to the relative price, I think you are correct; it is expensive. But so are Lexus automobiles.

Google Tables is less than half the price of a pro Airtable account. But Kia’s are less than half the price of a Lexus. Should Lexus price its luxury automobiles the same as Kia just because Kia’s are cheaper? I don’t think that’s how free-markets work.

I’m curious. According to your statistics, what is the number one feature that customers are demanding?

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Reading customer sentiment and needs is dicey at best, and you have to be careful because people sometimes don’t actually craft specific sentences that stipulate features. Rather, they reflect on problems.

But if you are asking what is the number one class of questions that people ask about and for which this is presently no feature? That would be the lack of a way to easily parse strings and/or extract values, entities, etc.

If you’re asking for the number one topic that seems to be missing or lacks adequate work-arounds to satisfy customer requirements, it would be a granular and comprehensive security/sharing model that supports field-level accessibility.

The number one issue that new users (i.e., those posting comments for the first time) is the lack of fields that also support integrated formulas. This one catches almost every new user by surprise. They expect that a given field should also be able to be set with a formula like Excel and Google Sheets,


Thanks for posting your list. I find it interesting that only your middle item (better security/sharing) has no native workarounds.

Hello All,

After 5 years of waiting for the ability to link to multiple databases, Airtable now allows users to to link to one table from another base! Wait. What…One table from another base? Seriously? It’s very disappointing.

I agree with MIMs that the pro-plan cost wise does not scale well and becomes cost prohibitive after a few users are added compared to other solutions. While I love the simplicity of Airtable, trying to maintain a normalized database becomes very challenging once more than a handful of tables are added. For this reason, I’ve been slowing moving everything over to Notion since they allow linking between databases and because they offer a very customizable “front end” and organizational system.

Then there’s the elephant in the room, Microsoft. With the release of Lists for Teams, Airtable will lose a bunch of enterprise users.

You can tell a lot about a companies culture and leadership when they makes excuses for not doing something because it is hard. I have no ill will towards Airtable and wish them all the best but after 5 years of waiting, its time to move on to a better solution.