Link to other base


+1 please we need we need !!!


+1 this functionality would be very useful!


+1 This is really needed. For us to create a personal todo list for employees that are active in different departments it would be a great addition.


+1- it’s the only thing stopping Airtable from being the primary organizational tool for my biz.


Hi, just signed on to demo. But without the feature of being able to link data from other bases it just won’t work for me.

I’d be willing to sign on if I knew that it was coming soon.


This is truly needed. Is it even in the road map? The way it is now works perfectly for small projects and personal use, but not being able to link to different bases makes it bit harder to use Airtable to it’s full potential in a larger organisation.


This is so necessary for business or any organizations with a hierarchy using this. It’s not possible to have a “manager view” of all information and then separate views for the employees. This is important for sensitive data or just overall protection of a client database. I can’t share all of our clients with every marketing/sales person, but if I separate the data into separate bases, I can’t see the marketing and sales progress holistically. Super disappointing.


+1 on this big time pretty please!


+1 on this one! Super important functionality!


This is a big one for enterprise requirements and I’m able to do this relatively easy in Excel and Google Sheets at the moment, so it’s hard to justify moving everything over just yet. Is this a planned feature?


+1 - combing unrelated tables is not feasible. any update on this?


+1! There are so many reasons why this is a necessary addition. I just recently started getting into AT from excel because I needed a lot more flexibility. I work communications, marketing, and event planning for a regional non-profit and excel just wasn’t cutting it anymore, especially with regard to event planning.

Here is my current struggle:

I have a master contact base which consists of businesses/organizations and that links to the individual contacts I have for those businesses/orgs. These businesses are sponsors, vendors, service providers and donors for the events we host. This list grows continually as we’re adding sponsors and service providers and making new connections with each event.

Each event then has it’s own base which manages the entire individual event. Only some of my contacts are used in each event base. Most of them are not.

For now, my only solution is to maintain mini contact lists in each event base, but this is not a time saver and it’s a duplication of effort when I already have that contact in my master contacts base. It would save me tons of time and frustration to pull from that master list into my individual events, rather than have to find a workaround to get them in the event without having to retype all the same information in for each one. As it is now, I’m in the same boat I was in with excel. I also then have to maintain two lists during the course of each event, in case of an address or contact person change, and for documenting which businesses contributed to specific events.

I’m getting really frustrated trying to figure out a better way before our next big fundraiser in October.


Very much +1 on this. @Airtable_Team would be great to hear your thoughts. <3


Absolutely +1 for that feature. @Airtable_Team moving forward on that stream would make many things cleaner.


any chance the @Airtable_Team will look at this??? I NEED This!!!


This would be great, and would make bases more powerful than they already are. I’d love to see this sometime.


@Howie_Liu @Howie , this is by far the most popular thread in the forum. We are relying on the wonderful product that you guys have created. Any info about your plans would be very appreciated.


+10000000 for this feature

This is an absolute NECESSITY for us, and the ONLY thing stopping me from rolling airtable out to our 30+ staff and 18 clients.

Use Case:
We are an agency, who use agile project management. We have a base for each client. Each contains 6 tabs including a backlog of tasks and a separate kanban for what work has been prioritised for the current sprint.

I need to be able to pull everything that is scheduled into one place, so I can have an overview of where the work is up to - basically a scrum board - so I can manage resource, scheduling etc appropriately.

Currently I have to go into each of the 18 bases individually, make a note of progress, and then go onto the next, then at the end bring it all together manually.

We’re going to have to go back to a GSheet / Trello mix without this :frowning:


IMHO, this is the most needed feature in airtable. I want ONE CRM that I can use to handle contacts. It’s insane constantly adding the same contacts to different bases that I use for different projects/purposes.

I wish that airbtable would study quickbases and see how they “create relationships between bases” to do this. I think if Airtable provided this feature, you would without question be the number one database program out there. It would be the feature that would give me incentive to move from a free account to a paid one. Especially if you kept it affordable for small business owners like myself. :slight_smile:


Is this at least being beta-tested? Anyone?