Link to other base

short answer is unfortunately no.

The way I would design a base with the current state of Airtable is to put all of your records into one base (as they share an identical structure), and use a new view in place of each base.

This is a long standing, much(by far the most) requested feature.


Please implement linking to another bases.


Linking to other bases would be very helpful for what we are trying to accomplish with our company’s new hire onboarding process.

I’d like to have a single point of entry of employee information, but share only pertinent information with a 3rd party vendor (that would be a collaborator on a separate base) for setting up an account and login information on their platform. I’d rather not have to enter this information in twice (error in redundancy, and maintaining the integrity and privacy of our employee’s information, etc).

Also, as I’ve seen on other posts in this topic, to ensure granular permissioning of what data can be viewed and edited–and by whom.


Hi Kate- While I am strongly in favor of linking bases, do you know you can share just a single view within an airtable? You can also password protect it, and allow read only or edit access. So, you can filter out info you don’t want to share by creating a view specifically for the 3rd party vendor, the click the arrow at the right end of the table menu. Select your options there for sharing permissions. If you are on a pro account for this base you can password protect access via the link as well.


This is a very important feature for us, and is preventing us using Airtable across over 200 employees. Any timeframe for this?


Another vote for linking bases; or at least more granular permissions. Technical difficulties asides, this seems like such a logical feature, especially seeing the way Airtable markets itself (“centralize your assets”) :slight_smile:


I agree, this is a needed addition to the Airtable platform the ability to link to another base


Is there anyone from Airtable that could let us know if this feature is on the roadmap or not? If yes is there an expected timeframe? Our company continually has to work around this limitation.


Another +100. I have a CRM built for my company in one base and separate bases for investment, sales, recruiting, marketing, etc. Each of those needs to link to people in the CRM. It would not serve us well to include all these different pipelines into one CRM, for both organization and confidentiality purposes.

Is there any news as to where this feature is in the roadmap?


Hello, any one here? I think this would also address the security issue , so we can share one base with some people and another with some other such that linking still works but not everyone has to see everything. Sounds like a good solution to me to kill a few birds. I wonder why Airtable team is so quiet on these threads… :frowning:


I have so many tables in my base currently but I need them all to be talking to each other so its the only option. Agree with all the comments above.


Hallo any update on this feature ? this is becoming a block in our development to the point we have to look for other solutions. We have tried using a workaround but the CRM we are using will not work, as we cannot insure privacy and will result in a single huge base with countless tables.

PLS any advise?




Hallo and thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately podio is not what we would need.

We need a database to be able to manage our sourcing and product database while podio is more of a project management tool for teams.

We are creating a database library of products and specifications which would need to be used in many project to create books of specifications and BoQ.

Hence the need for the multi DB connection.

We have used RAGIC which allows to connect different bases and seems to work but is not visually simple as Airtable.

Airtable only misses multi DB connection




Hi Luca,

I’d be more than happy to hop on a call to see how you can proceed.

Here’s my self serve scheduling. My Email

Hope to hear from you soon.
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This feature is a MUST for agencies. IMHO.

Would gladly pay for a plan only for this feature.

Airtable will be flawless with this kind of upgrade.


I will use Integromat to “cheat” and obtain a similar effect in the mean time, but hope the full feature will appear soon :slight_smile:

My mind is blown away by Airtable and I consider teaching it as an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) in my university lectures, the lack of this feature and a slight tweak on the description and timeline blocks are the only things that make me hesitate!


Need this, keeping me from using Airtable across organisaton. Want to use Airtable for contract management but contracts are usually located in different projects

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I’m going to +1000 this as well. We have many bases for each of our customers who require daily access to their base and thus creating a master one with different filters is not viable for us. What happens is we have to go into each base and try to figure out what each of us needs to do. I’m going to try a few of the workarounds in the meantime, but this is something any company who works with multiple customers would need. Please AirTable, let us know where this is on the feature roadmap.


Here is the rub with this. If I share a view with someone who has editor permissions. As in, I would like them to be able to edit certain fields in a table, if they expand the record in the grid view, they can see the hidden fields associated with that record when they expand the hidden fields. We have somewhat sensitive information in those hidden fields, and I don’t want people to see that information.


Has anyone found any workaround for this, using 3rd party integrations like zapier, etc?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to come to Airtable anytime soon (based on their lack of response) so would love to hear of anyone’s found any workarounds in the meantime :slight_smile: