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Would it be possible to simply have a table that is duplicated, placed within another base directly linked to its origin (table to table link)? Instead of database permissions being granted, only table permissions.

Keeping assets that are utilized for multiple projects in a single base that can be access externally would also be useful.
The concept of everything in one base also fills storage limits much more quickly, especially with movie projects.

Thanks! Love Airtable!

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The lack of this function is a fundamental flaw that contradicts the universal organization of a business.

Business is fundamentally about coordinating tasks between different facilitators (employees) to produce a product. A product has lifecycle stages (production, marketing, sales, customer service) that require different departments to facilitate it’s fulfillment, as well as departments to facilitate internal business items (legal, finance, admin, biz dev, R&D). Departments are grouped based on common skillsets and knowledge and have their own systems/procedures/data/assets etc which require different access levels - because you don’t want your production team looking at your sales pipeline and seeing how much money you make in your financials or viewing employee reviews and sensitive data in HR.

All business data is created around one central thing: the business! Therefore, a business’s data must be collective and relational, yet must be compartmentalized via different departments.

This is the problem with project management software - it is usually created with only one or 2 departments in mind, because it’s extremely challenging to make something that indeed does combine all data yet compartmentalize: you need a database program to do it…

Airtable is nearly the unicorn where you can actually run an entire business with all tasks and data in one place between different departments. The visualizations and functions are unbelievably amazing - yet you don’t allow the compartmentalization of departments through different bases, which fundamentally contradicts business.

To properly have collective relational data you must currently have all departments in one base, which means 1x base is theoretically the equivalent to 1x entire company, which makes Workspaces obsolete, and violates the rule of the need for department compartmentalization.

I would say the day is saved if zapier had a ‘update record then updates another record’ capability to sync records but I only see ‘new record updates another record’ so that means records cannot sync between bases through zapier… I hope I’m wrong and there’s a solution here…???

If you fix this one function a teenager could run a fortune 500 conglomerate from a Starbucks… hope it happens! :slightly_smiling_face:

** Edit - just found so that’ll prob do the trick, def a little pricey but well worth it I’m sure.


For us it’s because we already need multiple tables within one base to manage are Product teams, but we have many different Product teams globally working in different cultures and company environments, so we would like to allow them flexibility (Airtables greatest strength similar to Trello), to do their own thing with admin level and be able to summarise it for example group wide status or gantt chart views

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After several rebuilds I’ve determined a method that reduces tables needed, also eliminating the need for a second base. Requiring only using each record in only one place.

The logic involved requires forgetting almost everything you think you know about database functionality. If anyone is interested I will gladly help.

Airtable should hire me! I’d have a lot of fun evolving it’s uses.


Any update on this? @Katherine_Duh

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Please!!! And thank you :slight_smile: