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absolutely +1 on this. currently using asana and google drive for the majority of our workflow and i’m experimenting to see if airtable can become the new happy medium for my team.

we have so much data between the number of freelancers and clients and short-term jobs that we do that it’s just unrealistic to simply keep EVERYTHING in one base – even with copy and pasting capabilities. if i wanted to simply copy and paste some data from one table to another i would just continue to use google drive!


+1 vote for this feature! @Airtable_Team @Katherine_Duh @Airtable_Support
:scream: We need this!


Maybe this Zapier function can help to divide certain bases from each other:

Add new Airtable records to a second base
Track data in two Airtable bases at once. Use this Zap to grab any new Airtable record from one base, and duplicate it in anoter Airtable base. That way your records are always where you need them, without any extra effort.
How this Airtable integration works

Someone adds a new record to your Airtable base
Zapier copies info from that record over to another Airtable base



This is interesting - thank you for sharing. There’s no way to keep records in sync however right - this is a one time process that wouldn’t pick up on future changes to these records right?


Thanks @Avi_Doe, I’ll try this soon.

Manually creating copies of new records in my redacted base published in Airtable Universe is painful.

It’s tempting to add a checkbox to every record and filter for records with this field checked to then Zap a copy across to the redacted base.


+1. Agreed. It will be really be a useful feature if you are managing various bases and only want to share specific bases.


Avi, your solution is great, except (fair warning) it is handicapped by ANOTHER key weakness in Airtable: the lack of an “on updated record” event. You can use Zapier (and other tools) to call actions when new records are created. But there is no way to call an action when a record is updated. So if you change data to an existing record in one base, it won’t be reflected in the other.


Hey @Andrew,
Your answer goes back to January.
We’re almost in Novemeber…
Can you please tell us where is this feature now ?



@Ben and frozen yes, unfortunately it is only a oneway solution. An “on updated record” could help to extend the range of functions and bring the whole thing to a new level.


I love Airtable and this feature requests if it were granted would just make me love it even more!


My first post… 'cos I’m evaluating if Airtable is a fit for my company.

I’m looking at building an ‘agency model’ where I create the master bases, and give my clients a set of sub-bases that can link to my master bases… I’m doing it with Google Sheets - and other cloud based platforms, but wanting to consolidate onto 1 place for all my data.



Excel can do it, Access can do it, all databases can do it! This is extremely important feature! Upvote


Is there an update to linking bases? This request was created back in 2015


+1 this. A few of us are evaluating airbase for our non-profit and the first thing I was asked was if we can link between bases.

Here’s my use-case: I have a base for all email marketing. In something like a project manager, an email task could live in two categories: one of all my emails, and one the specific project. Right now, I either have to choose whether to put an email in email base (therefore seeing a larger view of all emails I need to create for different initiatives) or my smaller project (therefore not seeing it with my master list). Sure, I could copy/paste records, but that creates extra work and more room for error. I’d rather just link it, and then my coworkers can see a master view of everything in their project (which would include things like, emails, website updates, firect mail, etc). If I had everything in one base, the sheer amount of data would be too much - even with the powerful filtering features (which I use a lot).

Please add this - Airtable is basically being compared to basic features in excel, and if we can’t meet those then we may not be able to continue with Airtable.


Since this is not a feature that AirTable offers, has anybody found a different tool that integrates with AirTable or used the API to build this functionality? I’m primarily looking for reporting across mutliple bases.


I’d like to chime in with a vote for this as well! We are just getting set up with AirTable (and loving it so far!), and even with our limited experience, I’ve already come across a use case for which linking between bases would be really, really helpful. Here are the details:

  1. We have one base called “Resource Partners,” which contains the names of companies we work with, names & contact information for the people we work with there, and even a rating of the company & a “grade” for how frequently we work with them.

  2. Another base is “New Business Development,” and it is essentially our sales pipeline. In this base, we want to include the names of the businesses in “Resource Partners” that we’ve sent requests for quotes to, whether they’ve replied, and what their quoted fees were. We don’t need all the names of the people who work for each company in this base, though.

I would love to be able to mark a bid as “Accepted” in the “New Business Development” base, and have that trigger an update in the “Resource Partners” base showing that they’ve been hired for an additional project.


Just wondering – would base-linking serve as a work-around for that other frequently requested feature – more granular permissions? I think either approach would address my use case: I have a “master base” that contains pricing, client and project information, and I want collaborators to be able to view and update some, but not all, of the fields and/or records. It’s obvious that granular permissions could accomplish this, but I think linking records across bases would solve most of the issues (i.e. on base would hold the pricing data, and it would link to the client and project bases).


I’m evaluating Airbase as a viable product for my business and my clients’ businesses - but this is a show-stopper for me. One of the basic fundamentals of databases.

Is there a link to a reason why Airtable doesn’t have this?


@Airtable_Team , Can we have an update / date for this feature?
I’m sure it’s not an easy one to add, but it’s the single biggest issue we all have with your product. I would love to know what’s the plan.


I would love an update too @Andrew. And this excellent suggestion from @John_Beaudoin:

would base-linking serve as a work-around for that other frequently requested feature – more granular permissions?

sounds like it could probably solve a majority of the requests for permissions granularity. Speaking for myself, I think I could revise my bases to use this as a permissions workaround…