Link to run scripts - Product Suggestion

Can we please allow scripts to be run through links?! I believe this could potentially have many use cases.

My Use case.
I recently built a base for a client who owns a large Portfolio of real estate assets and wanted a flexible Property Management System, so i decided to do it on Airtable.

I have built many scripts that automate tasks such as creating new tenant contracts + simultaneously creates new corresponding bills, scripts that spit out custom reports such as a City Report, Building Report, Unit Report, or Tenant Reports.

When running the City reports (it shows a list of all buildings in that city + relevant information about each building), it would be nice to have the building names as a hyperlink, and when clicking on it, it would run the “Building report” script.

I think it’s called a “button”.

Hi @Bill.French ,
I am very much familiar with the button.
I do mean a link. Let me explain myself.

In my use case, i have a script that spits out custom reports. I would like that a link/hyperlink in this report run another script without leaving the report.

Ah, okay - clear requirements will help.

And by “report” you mean a PDF? A Google Doc? A text file? Please be clear about your definitions.

And by “another script” do you mean a Script Block? A script Action? A script in another web service?

And by this constraint, it’s a background process - the hyperlink must not do what hyperlinks are designed to do - i.e., open another browser tab, right?