Link unfurling in Slack—More useful metadata tags?


We’ve started regularly using Airtable for company data recently—we love it! However, we’re all getting reeeeeally frustrated with the way Airtable links are unfurled in Slack.


We regularly share bases in Slack, so when there are a few links in a feed one after another, the current unfurled information is generic and unproductive. The image is particularly unhelpful as it takes up a lot of room!

I’ve spoken to Slack about this, and it seems if you were able to add some more dynamic content in your metadata tags in the header of Airtable pages, so much useful information could be displayed and would be huge boost in productivity for my team.

Might this be something that could be an easy win? :crazy_face:


PS. Here’s a great article from Slack on the subject of unfurling for those interested.


I completely agree, as this is an issue with my team as well. To be entirely frank, the incredibly generic content that is displayed in Slack not only provides NO VALUE, it actually DIMINISHES THE VALUE of the integration as it takes up a lot of space and adds a ton of visual noise to our channels. Instead, if the Slack notifications could actually provide a card of the default view of the given record, that would be very useful and would in fact add value.


I’m glad someone finally agrees! :sunglasses:


Using an example from, here’s a quick example I just made of how I propose Airtable handle their Slack integration moving forward.


Totally agree ! We just switched our whole workflow from Jira+Trello to Airtable, this is the only thing missing :confused: Jira has a Slack integration that enables users to have a preview of the tickets, this is really an advantage.