Link value from external data source in Table 1 to record in Table 2

  1. I have an Airtable base with two tables: Orders and Products.
  2. The Orders table receives data via external source (Integromat).
  3. Each Order contains a Product name.
  4. The Products table holds all the Product names and their associated Tags.
  5. I want to link the Orders table to my Products table to fetch each Product’s associated Tag.
  6. If I link the Product column in the Orders table to the Products table, I can no longer import the external data (it seems the external data source cannot populate a linked cell – in this case, the Product column in the Orders table.) NOTE: I can pull in the external order data successfully if the Products column in Orders is unlinked.

QUESTION: How can I link the Tag data from the Products table with the Product name in the Orders table? Do I need to create a junction table of some sort?

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