Linked column displays dates incorrectly


##Short Version
When a column is linked to a column with Date field type, the column in the linked table doesn’t display the date using the correct locale.

##More Details
I have a table with a column that is set to Date and format is set to Local. In that table the dates are displayed correctly according to the Australian convention of DD/MM/YYY.

However, I have linked that column to another table. In the linked column, dates are displayed according to the American convention MM/DD/YYYY. I would expect the display format to be replicated, or at least there be an option to set the format in the linked column.

Date format prints incorrectly

Hi Daniel,

I could not reproduce what you describe here. Could you email with a screenshot of what you’re doing?

(edited: could => could not)


Email sent. As I took the screenshots I realised the scenario wasn’t 100% what I’d described, but pretty close. Hopefully this will help squash the bug.