Linked field color


  • I have 3 table: COMPANY, CONTACT, PLACES
  • The COMPANY has a field COLOR

How can I use the COMPANY COLOR (a single label field) in PLACES and CONTACT ? The lookup fields only get the value.

In fact a link field is like a “powerfull” select it would be great to handle color feature every where

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As you’ve seen, you can’t directly edit a field via lookup. However, if you add a link to a company in either [Places] or [Contact], you can click on the link to open that company record and edit all fields.

Thanks, I already understand the Graph Database beahvior.

I’d like to use the color field of COMPANY in my PLACES because it helps to see rows or event in a calendar view.

  • I don’t want to duplicate and maintain a select field
  • I don’t want to use a rule based color view (because I have to duplicate the logic too)

What do you mean by “a single label field”?

Sorry mispelled,
Table 1: Field > Single Select > Colored Option
Table 2: Link to Table 1

Table 2 can’t use the color defined in the field of the linked object of Table 1


  • Table 1 : Apple | Color Red
  • Table 2 : John Doe | work for Apple => can’t color it in red
  • Table 3: Meeting with JohnDow | at Apple => can’t get color from John Doe or Apple (can’t use them in Calendar view)

=> I think my question is more a feature request to retrieve the select fields with a rollup

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Yeah, that makes more sense, and now that I understand what you’re talking about, I agree that it would be nice to assign colors to linked record items, and/or have colors from single/multiple select fields carry through when used in rollup/lookup fields. Maybe not all the time, though, but perhaps as an option.

Anyway, I’ll move this thread to the Product Suggestions category for further discussion if anyone else wants to chime in.


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