Linked field in a form: display as different column?

I’m creating a new member signup form for which one of the table entries is a linked record.

The data relationship is as follows:
New member has a linked field to Campus Building, which is a table with (among other things) Building Code (primary key) and Building Name (human-readable text).

What I want: for the Campus Building option in my form to display the building as Building Name

What currently happens: the Campus Building option in my form is the human-unreadable building code.

How do I get the form input to display the Building Name instead of the Building Code?

Here’s some further information:

Here’s what the form looks like now:scr1

When I expand “Campus Building”, here’s what I get:

I don’t want to display “BSB” here, but rather the associated building’s name “Behavioral Sciences Building”; likewise, I don’t want “AOB” but rather “Administrative Office Building”.

Here’s a snippet of the table that building data are coming from (where BANNER Building Code is the primary key):

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