Linked field selections based on previous linked field


Hi. I have a table with two linked columns. In one column you select a the Client (from the Client table). In the next column you select the Project you are working on for that client (from the Project table). (In the Project able there is a linked field to the Client table). When I go to select the Project, every project in the project table comes up, instead of only those projects related to the Client in the previous field. Is it possible, when I select a particular client, only their projects show up as choices in the next field? Let me know if you need any further clarification. I’ve tried my best to summarise below.

Table 1 - Current Tasks
Task name
Linked field Client Name (select client)
Linked field Project Name (the select from projects only related to the client in the previous field)

Table 2 - Projects
Project Name
Linked field Client Name

Table 3 - Clients
Client Name


Hi @Abbie_Allen, great write-up by @W_Vann_Hall of how to achieve this here:



Thank you! I’ll take a look.