Linked fields in forms

hi! i have a table called “roles” with role name, company name and a separate table called “applicants” that is a form that users should be able to select a role name + company combination and drop their resume. i have it set up to link to the roles table, but in the form, it only shows the role title, not company. so when a user goes to this form, they can only select the title without seeing what company it is for. how can i have it show both?

attached is a screenshot of what it looks like in airtable and what i would like it to look like (in google tables).

Hi @alana_anderson and welcome to the community!

Only the content of your first field is shown when you add linked fields in a form. You could set the field type of your first field to a formula and add information (eg the company name) like that.

More info:


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