Linked fields to junction table


I’d like an option for “Junction table from linked field with multiple records.”

I think that lots of people who start out by linking to another table with multiple value may later find out that they need to have a junction table.

Suppose I have a list of books and authors. One author can write many books, and each book can have more than one author. So I might set up a list of authors and another list of books, and simply link them with a linked field and then allow multiple values. But what if I decide later that I need to track who’s the primary author, who’s a ghost writer, who’s a proper co-author, and who’s just a contributor in each book? There’s no easy way to derive a junction table on which I could put that. For some purposes, it’s easy to anticipate needing a junction table, but for some it may come as a surprise, and I’d like to be able to derive one easily.

I also I think it would be great to have an option for “Junction table from linked field with multiple records” because it would make it easier to create a junction table. I “get” how they work because I’ve done them before, but many people will find them counterintuitive at first. Airtable is so good at enticing people through ease-of-use that it would be a great way to make something hard easy!