Linked, lookup and rollup. Need some help sorting this out ;)

Slowly I am getting a better understanding of Airtable :slight_smile:
I have a table called task:

And a table for completed task:

So far so good.
When a user completes a task, a new record of the task is created in “completed task” along with “” to keep track of which user completed the task.

Then I have a table called “Stats by device”

Where I get the:

• The sum of act/belong/commit score (by user)
• total completed task (by user)

And last, a table called “stats by task”

Where I get:
• A global count on how many times a specific challenge has been completed.

What I would like to get, but don´t know how to:
• a count that shows how many times a specific challenge has been completed by a specific user (i.e. User A has completed challenge “kaste ball” 5 times)

I reckon that the answer to the question above will also give me the solution to the “top 5 challenge” stat - a list where you can see which 5 challenges has been completed by you the most times.

Tor Martin

Just want to bump this is anyone has a tip to guide me on the right path to solving this :slight_smile:

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