Linked Primary Field?


Is there not a way to link the first column, the primary field, to another table?

Thank you,



Hi Andrew

Not directly, I don’t believe. However you can make it display the value of another field which is linked if you need to display that value. Just use a formula.



How do use a formula for this


Hi Wendy,

Check out this support article for some guidance: Using a formula in the primary field

Hope that helps!


Hi Cameron,
Firstly put formula in the primarily or any field, then Linked to the other tables.
I understand until this point.
But when I add new row on the same table, the formula does not work.
Because Link is still working I have to input the data manually.
If I put the formula, link is wiped out.
This is sort of wrong circle…
It almost mean, Formula data cannot be linked on Airtable?
Because this limits the usage of Airtable so badly, from my point of view, and I hope this is true…
Is there is any proper way to Link the formula data…? (I really hope so…)