Linked Record Cells with Thousands of Records

I have Table 1 with thousands of records. In Table 2, I want to summarize the data by linking the records and then using lookup fields to get specific info from each record all in a single cell. I’ve linked Table 1 to a field in Table 2, but to get all the records, I’d need to manually select each of the thousands of records to add them to the linked cell. Is there an easier way to do this?

I made a dummy database and screen recording to illustrate what I’m trying to do, but instead of 4 records per “company,” imagine thousands.

Thanks for any help.

Based on your video it looks like the primary field of [Table 1] is the {Company Name} and the primary field of [Table 2] is also, for some reason, {Company Name}.

That means if you go to [Table 1] and copy the entire column for {Company Name} you can paste it into the field that links [Table 1] to [Table 2].

You may want to consider why {Company Name} is the primary field in [Table 1] instead of something that more uniquely identifies what each record is.

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