Linked Record Filter by Conditions and Record Contents

It’s great to be able to “Limit record selection to a view” when selecting a Linked Record, however, this means that the number of views gets out of hand quickly. It also means creating views that you will never look at (as they are only needed for filtering Linked Record options).

I would prefer the ability to filter linked records by conditions instead. This would add flexibility and prevent the creation of unnecessary views. Bonus points if you could filter based on data from both the current record, and the Linked Record. For example, show if {Current record field} contains_______ and {Linked Record field} contains _________.


Yes, this is very much needed in the product. In fact, in my opinion, it is the #1 missing feature from Airtable.

We’ve been calling these things “dynamic conditional variables”, and ironically, they’ve ALREADY BROUGHT THEM to Automations (in the “Find Records” action)!

But they haven’t brought them to the rest of Airtable yet!

The Airtable team doesn’t show up here very often to read our posts, so please be sure to email and tell them how important this feature is for you.


Yes, we also have those filters in the Lookup and Rollup fields (which are based on the Linked Record :man_facepalming:). At least now we have Sections for the views, @DavidVM you could create a section for those views, collapse it and forget it :sweat_smile:

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Hey David,

This is how the functionality looks in automations, would be great to see it rolled out to the main product.



Like Scott said, please bother airtable

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This is such a huge miss.
A simple filter for linked records like is all that is needed…

“where xxxx field equals yyyy field”

With the xxxx field being in the linked table and yyyy field being in the current table.

Airtable have scripts, apps and automations, at an advanced and almost confusing level, but won’t make a simple filter for linked records, to reduce the biggest friction point of the whole platform.

All my destination tables have this confusing quagmire of hidden ‘linked record’ fields (that link to a specific filtered view in the source table) and countless views that un-hides the specific linked field that uses the correct filter. Meanwhile the source table has countless redundant views sitting around only for the purpose of filtering a remote table.
Oh wait, I need to add a new client, category etc etc to my system. Better go through the dreaded process of making up a set of views at the source and destination table and add another linked field to the destination table, then go to all the other destination table views and hide the new linked field.

Or I could have 1 destination view and 1 source view and one linked field, if airtable built me a simple dynamic filter.


I use airtable as a CRM and I attach contacts to specific opportunities. I have a separate table called Opportuntiy Notes.

So if I attach “Jane Doe” to Opportunity 123 main Street Sale, then I have a separate Table I can move Jane Doe through a pipeline (pre-qual, qual, offered, passed).

I want to be able to show separate fields that have all of the contacts in each stage, so I know I need to move the pre-qual folks into qual, into offered and so forth.

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