Linked record - Settings or Choose View


Many column data types has settings, but Linked records don’t have settings.
May be Linked records could have some settings in order to Hide some records while linking.

For example: I have two tables: Tasks and Projects

Now, while linking a project to a new task, I always get list of all the projects, regardless they are completed or in Progress. This seems fine in beginning, but when I have more than 100 projects, it becomes pain. I don’t want to delete completed projects, and there is no way to archive them.

So, in linked record settings, we could specify the linked records to choose a view from that table. That way we will get only specific records while linking.

This would also help with shared forms, and end users could see only specific linked records.



We have a beta version of this feature that you might be interested in trying:


Thanks! Glad to know that it’s in progress… I would better wait for stable release because currently we don’t have much records.

Please look into my other feature requests as well.


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