Linked records and lookups not appearing in Page Designer

I have a table called “Plans” that pulls in lookup values from my “Contracts” table, which is linked.

I’ve been able to add the standard fields from Plans to a Page Creator page without an issue. However, when I try to add a lookup field from Plans, it doesn’t work. I can drag the field to the Page Creator, but the box never gets populated. Similarly, If I try placing a linked field on the page, it appears as a black box with its original field name from the Contracts base. See screen shot below.

Any suggestions for getting the linked/lookup fields to work in Page Creator?

I would check 2 things:

  1. Make sure that your Page Designer’s “Settings” are set to pull from the proper TABLE.

  2. While you are editing your layout, check to make sure that you are pulling data from the proper VIEW (this is located in the upper left of the layout editing screen).

Thank you, @ScottWorld. To my embarrassment, it was user error. I had populated a record to use as my test, then used the wrong record. Am confessing to my shame here, in case anyone else finds themselves in the same position.

Ha, that happens! One cool trick you can do is create a “button” field in your table, and then you can just click on that button to open up that particular Airtable record in the Page Designer block.

That is a cool trick. I’ll try that - thanks!

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