Linked Records - Coloring matching linked table conditions

A simple idea: what if linked records could be colored?
The conditions in the linked table would determine the color of the record.
This would help counteract one of the many conundrums of having to choose between linked records and multi / single select fields. What do you think?


I think this is a fantastic idea! I hope the Airtable team is listening to this one! :slight_smile:

In addition to displaying colors for linked records, we also need the ability to display any field that we want in the linked records field (instead of always displaying the primary field name). We often have really long primary field names in our join tables, which are formulas that are based on a concatenation of multiple fields. But we never need to see this entire formulas in our linked records field — it just clutters things up and makes things really confusing.

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Great idea as well! Linked records are so powerful, but have some crippling limitations in terms of UX. I hope both of our suggestions are placed on the roadmap.

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Would love to have this!

I super want this to becoming a reality, like yesterday! Please!