Linked Records Filter Options


It would be great if the base creator could in some way limit the fields that were able to have a linked record added to them, either by:

A) Adding filters to the linked record field dropdown

or more realistically

B) Having a dropdown in the field options that limited the View that the linked records have to be chosen from.

For example, imagine I have a base with a table in it called Products. In here are a load of unique products. Imagine that 100 are marked In Stock, and 400 are marked Sold. I have a filter on this view called ‘Available Products’ that filters on just the In Stock products.

Now imagine I have another table called Orders, where I take customer information and link to the desired product record.

If I could limit the linked records to the ‘Available Products’ view of the Products table, it would ensure orders weren’t being put against items that had sold.

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Another use case for this would be if you wanted to have a public form with a linked record field that didn’t expose any sensitive data.


+1 for this important feature that would be relatively simple to implement.

I have “active” and “inactive” students that change on a monthly basis and when I take attendance, I have to unnecessarily scroll through loads of “inactive” records.


+1 for linked record filtering too


The (B) option should be “simple” to implement, and seems elegant and Airtabley.


+1 for the linked records filtering


This feature would be helpful for us too - I’ve got a scenario where I have stores broken into regions - we pick the region on one table early on and then later pick which store will go with it - and ideally the user would only be able to pick stores that are in that region.


Any traction on this feature? Seems like limiting the linked record to a specific view on the linked table would be the best way to do this.


+1 here too — needs to limit possible links



We have a product content managment system. Products have multiple attributes, many attributes have pre-defined values. It would be very nice to select the attribute and restrict values to the pre-defined.


+1 need to filter on available persons for a job to do without having the whole liste available


Same problem here. One table is used to record, say, 4 transactions (one each week for a month) for a vendor. A second table records a single check written for those 4 transactions. When I record the check number, I link to the transactions table, and although searching for the records I want is easy, the list gets cumbersome.

If I could either filter the link or use cntl key to multiple select, I wouldn’t have to search and select 4 times for each check.


This would be great as well! I don’t currently use airtable(currently with JIRA) but that would really make this powerful as a CRM and PM tool.