Linked Records & IF Statements causing Circular References


Hey all,

We’re running into an issue with Circular References. Can you help?

I spun up a test table so you can see what we’re trying to accomplish.

In the test, the “Percent Complete” for the Monthly Goal (1st one) should actually be {Sub-Goals Percent}, but AirTable’s Circular Reference check is not letting us do this even though our IF statement prevents one.

Here’s what the formula should read:

IF({Goal Type} = “Weekly”, {Tasks Completed}/{Tasks Committed}*100,IF({Goal Type} = “Monthly”,{Sub-Goals Percent}))

Does anyone have a good workaround?

It’s important that our Percent Complete sums into one column (for reporting). I’d like to avoid manually copying anything & using Zapier (as we’d need to scale this across dozens of bases.

Thanks in advance!